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"Do you want to play it safe and be good or take a chance and be great?
Come for some coaching, and you will see what I mean!
If when you leave your training week you feel that you didn't learn anything new I will give you your money back. That is something I haven't done so far."

Come ski with me, if you want to have the inside scoop on what it means to be a Champion Night Jumper, or high level 3 event athlete.
Or come hang out with my wife, and national team member Breanne, and possibly some of the other pro's.

I take pride in my ability to map out plans and actively achieve them. When I work with an athlete I ask a lot of questions and really try and understand how they work. Why? The more I know, the more I can help you reach your goals. I help plan out a path to success that is 100% bulletproof. I know what it takes to be the best, and really enjoy the process of watching others achieve success.
Feel free to give me a call any time to chat about how I can help.

( www.waterski.ab.ca )

Coach of the provincial waterski team. I also work with many of my training partners, skiers at the University of Louisianna at Monroe, and fellow National Waterski Team Members. I was captain of the ULM waterski team for 3 years, and became a great leader and coach. I came back to help out the team after I graduated and led the team to a national title! I was recently a guest coach at the 2009, and 2010 MCWSA winter conference. I did 3 hour long seminars on 3 event skiing, and spoke to over 200 young college athIetes.
On top of that I have been on the Canadian National Team since the age of 16 ( 10 years ), and prior to that was the Junior World Champion. On average I compete in 10 or more countries a year, so I see all sides of the sport.
I have been coached by many great people over the years, and I try to take what I like from all of them and combine it with what I know to create the best possible training package available. I am good with off water, and on water training. I can provide guidance with nutrition, supplementation, sports psychology, and lots of different things that you wouldn't find at your average ski school. My knowledge is attained through a very legit source. The Canadian Olympic training center in Calgary is a very key part of my path to success.

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