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"Do you want to be fit? Do you want to look, feel, and ski like a champion? Do you want to prevent injury?
If so, do yourself a favor and contact me for some serious training program to take you to another level!

I can help schedule training sessions, off water and on water, work with athletes to become mentally and physically capable of achieving their goals!
Or just get Jacked and Tanned and have a great time......

If you are bored with your old workout plan, or are noticing that you aren't excited to go to the gym any more send me a message through my website.
I Love my workouts, everyday I do something new, I am always trying to find new ways to break a sweat, and am always finding fresh ways to challenge myself.
My activities consist of:
-Night Jumping
-Circuit training
-Boxing routines
-Yoga, focusing on backbending techniques
-Next level core training
-Balance training, thanks to Indo board
-Tire flips, rock tosses, ball throws, ultimate fighter fitness
-Freeskiing via snow
-Moutain Biking

Anything else?